Had the pleasure of taking Andrea’s bridal photos in her childhood home. Her family is moving and wanted to have some mementos of the home she grew up in. Lighting was a challenge, but Andrea was fantastic.


One thought on “Bridals

  1. ~~~Angel is an angel. She has been blessed with the innate gift to capture the purity, beauty, excitement, essence of life, and celebrations of life experiences.
    ~~~~I am most grateful for the patience she took with us (during rehearsal, with the family, at the church and hotel, and with the wedding party) and how beautifully she captured my daughter and new son’s wedding pictures (The Burkes), and the other glimpses of our life at our family home on Dabbs House Rd. for Andrea’s wedding portrait.
    ~~~~Both the ceremony and reception settings, enchantingly decorated by Mrs. Armwood of Master’s Touch Floral Design, were visually captivating, and captured by the lenses of Angel Morten Photography for us to forever treasure.
    ~~~~Love the pictures, Angel….Thank-You!!!
    Mrs. ‘R’

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