New Products!

New product time!

First up, we have gallery blocks which are professional photographic prints adhered to solid wood with perfect image-wrapped 90° corners. You can also have floating gallery blocks stacked to a decorative single block. Here’s a single 11×14 block. They have great vivid and crisp images and just wipe clean.

Last we have the float mount. Similar to a gallery wrap, a float mount comes in Luster, Metallic or Canvas finish (this is in canvas). The image appears to “float” away from the wall by wrapping your print around a padded, warp-resistant board and placing a ¾” Gatorboard mount on the back with pre-drilled holes for hanging. Again, stunning crisp and vivid images!

Just one more photo of the float mount sitting next to an 8×12 metal print of the cutie, Kara!

Contact me today for information and pricing!!!


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