What To Wear


    • Considering bringing at least 2 outfits for a standard 2 hour photo shoot, including both casual and more up scale outfits.
    • Couples look best if they pick colors that look nice together.  For example, her blouse should coordinate not only with her skirt, but also with his shirt. But, avoid having the “we have to match” mentality!
    • Large patterns and over-sized clothing will add the appearance of extra weight in photographs. Darker clothes will minimize body size.
    • Keep the tonal range of clothing in the same group; don’t mix lights and darks in the same outfit. An exception is a contemporary black and white portrait which can be as bold as you care to make it.
    • Classic clothing styles will look good in photos for years – but also try to bring clothes that are uniquely you for “fun” poses.
    • Wear comfortable shoes! Ladies, if you’re sold on wearing the 4 inch stilettos, make sure you bring along something more comfy to walk in between poses.
    • Earth tones are best for outdoor portraits, but a little splash of color is always nice!


    • If you plan to get a haircut, do it at least a week beforehand so the cut looks natural.
    • Men should shave about 1 hour before their portrait, eliminating both redness and any five o’clock shadow (which cannot be removed by retouching).
    • Women should wear whatever makeup they typically use, including evening makeup, applied moderately, to accent eyes and lips. Use of a light powder foundation will also ensure an even skin tone for more pleasing portraits.  Bring your makeup with you to make changes or touch-up’s if needed.


    • Coordinate your footwear with your outfits, as some of your outdoor poses will show your shoes and socks.
    • Considering bringing something that is really “you” for the fun shots.  Examples: anything from matching cowboy boots to a shirt or souvenir from your first trip together.
    • Props that are important to both of you can be fun too.  Examples include hats, uniforms, or other sports equipment, musical instruments, sunglasses, a family pet, a favorite car, books, cupcakes, etc.
    • Remember the season. Spring and summer are great for jewelry (keep it classic), fall and winter scarves can compliment a outfit nicely.

Splurge for Sass

    • There’s nothing quite like a brand new dress to bring out the fun for a photograph. I love the idea of having a “never been seen” outfit just for those special pictures.
    • And, if you’re all dolled up… it’s a perfect excuse for a post-session date night.


    • Yes, like smile and laugh and flirt. Don’t be shy in front of the camera. These photos are for you, put your affection on display!
    • Show your colors. My job is to capture you both totally in love and totally excited for the big day.