Shea – Murray Wedding Outtakes

Here are a couple of fun outtake from the Shea – Murray wedding this weekend in Asbury Park, NJ. The rain held off, but the wind was brutal and it turned really chilly; still Melissa and Greg were awesome.


Eli Beach Shoot

Did some test shots with the handsome Eli at the beach on a cool and windy night. Wanted something that felt cold and moody; I think we got it. Eli’s favorite thing – being at the beach. Eli’s least favorite thing – having his photo taken. Despite disliking having his photo taken, he was a total trooper.

Hurricane Irene

I think my family enjoys moving during ‘I’ hurricanes – we moved to Richmond during Isabel and then to Brick just days before Irene. Thankfully, our neighborhood was spared for the most part, but our private beach is completely under water. Here are a few photos from before the storm got bad and then after.

Pre Storm:

Post Storm